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Bird Photography Tour 2022
November 15-26
Maximum group size: 4, (minimum of 2)
From: San Jose, Costa Rica


Costa Rica is one of the favorite destinations for bird photography and the reason is simple, this destination is equipped with very good Lodges, photographic hideouts, bird feeders, in short, a perfect destination for nature photographers.

During this trip we are going to visit different regions of Costa Rica, which will allow us to photograph the most representative fauna of this country.


1.- San José City     2.- Northern Rainforest     3.- Northern Rainforest       4.- Caribbean Rainforest     5.- Talamanca Highlands


This is a personalized tour for a maximum of 4 photographers, thanks to this we will be able to focus on obtaining the greatest number of high-quality photographs, for which we will apply different techniques such as multiflash of hummingbirds, macro photography of amphibians and reptiles with artificial light and bird photography, in general, using beautiful set-ups.

To know more details about this trip and how you can join the tour please send me an email to

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